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Upholstery Cleaning

Pre-spray all upholstery to begin breaking down dirtDirty upholstery can be a real eye sore at EZ Steamer Upholstery Cleaning we can restore your upholstery to a clean allergen free state. When  upholstery is dirty we sometimes don’t even want to sit or lay on them. If this is a problem our cleaning technicians can recondition your upholstery like new.  With so many different fabrics it’s crucial to choose an experienced upholstery cleaner to get the job done.  We can do that!

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Process
• Inspect color dye to insure they do not run
• Pre-vacuum to remove as much lose dirt as possibleBefore and After 6
• Pre-treat spots
• Pre-spray all upholstery to begin breaking down dirt
• Extract with steam cleaning hand tool

So when you need your upholstery cleaned call Ez Steamers!  We make upholstery cleaning EZ

To schedule our professional upholstery cleaning service, give us a call at (239) 200-7372

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