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Tile and Grout Cleaning

IMG_0770grout and tile gain a buildup of dirt and contaminantsMost home and business owners know that tile and grout cleaning is a very difficult job. Even when they are scrubbed regularly and over the counter cleaners are used, getting the tile and grout clean can seem to be practically impossible. EZ Steamer Carpet Cleaners is the answer to tile cleaning Naples residents are looking for.

The Problem

Over time, grout and tile gain a buildup of dirt and contaminants. This makes the grout look discolored or dark and causes the tile to look dull. Most products available to consumers cannot remove the dirt that has been trapped in the tile’s pores. Scrubbing with products that do not work simply cannot make the grout and tile clean.

The Solution

EZ Steamers understands the challenges and has the solutions for tile cleaning Fort Myers residents prefer. First we pre-scrub the tiles and the grout line and then use a high-pressure extraction tool to break the dirt out of the pores of the tiles and grout. If you want us to we can apply a sealer to the tile and grout that will keep it protected from the dirt buildup. With EZ Steamers you will find that our technicians are thorough. They pay attention to the details and make sure that our customers are happy.

If you need tile and grout cleaning done, Call EZ Steamers today at (239) 200-7372 for the best tile and grout cleaning services available.

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