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Carpet Cleaning Bonita Springs

EZ Steamers Carpet Cleaning Bonita Springs

EZ Steamers carpet cleaning Bonita Springs gives you the quality cleaning that you want to protect your carpet’s life and beauty.

Our no residue steam-based cleaning process is recommended by manufacturers. It leaves your carpet free of cleaning chemical residues so it is the safest carpet cleaning bonita springs fl offers for people with chemical sensitivities. Our cleaning method is extremely thorough, which means customers with pets or allergies will find EZ Steamers is their first choice for carpet cleaning in Bonita Springs.

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Our five-step process for carpet cleaning Bonita Springs Florida ensures that your carpets will be beautifully cleaned every time:

1. We pre-vacuum carpets. Please don’t even think about vacuuming before we arrive! Sparing our clients this chore is part of what puts us among the favorite carpet cleaning companies Bonita Springs.

2. We give spots special attention. Different spills or soils require different treatment. The carpet cleaning bonita springs florida receives from our trained team includes pre-treatments specific to the spots that we find.

3. We pre-spray carpet with a solution that begins the cleaning process. This solution emulsifies the kinds of dirt that tend to cling to carpet fibers, especially substances that have any grease or oil in them.

4. We scrub the carpet to break dirt into tiny pieces that dissolve into the cleaning solution and to lift dirt from the carpet fibers.

5. We thoroughly extract cleaning solution from your carpet with a steam cleaning wand, leaving it almost dry.

You will be able to use your rooms much sooner than you thought because EZ Steamers’ steam extraction process is so thorough. As a result, the carpet cleaning Bonita Springs clients experience from EZ Steamers requires minimal dry time.

EZ Steamers’ prompt, detailed cleaning keeps us at the top of carpet cleaning Bonita Springs .

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